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House Concerturtle

March 13, 2009

Last Friday, March 6, La Casa (under the MCery of friend & former resident Anna) hosted Concerturtle (!) – an evening of performances of (mostly) new experimental works.  Three residents (including your humble narrator) participated in music-making.  We packed our living room with delightful human beings, kept our guests in grape juice & popcorn, & followed the festivities with a talk-back session & a bonfire in our garden.  I (for one) thought it went swimmingly.

The “Program”:

Hi there,

Do you remember this assignment?  Here are two versions:

“Write a statement that you want to be true.”
“Write a statement that is unfortunately false in current society.”

I want this assignment to linger in the air for a while.  I find that  I’m never quite done with it.  Dr. Parenti recommends exercising your  “desiring muscles” frequently enough that they at least don’t atrophy.

So, I’m starting a weekly bulletin:  This Week in Desire Statements.   Send false statements and related artworks & project links to unfortunately DOT… false AAT… gmail DOT… com, and every Friday (I hope) I’ll put
together something out of it.

Jacob Barton

  • The Solution to the Problem btw Israel & Palestine, by JARband.

More about this piece here.

  • Playing (with) Policy, by AnAndR.
  • The Squirrel’s Nut, a story composed & told by elizaBeth.
  • Bagatelle No. 1, performed by Snow Leopard & Jacob.
  • Duke of Uke & His Novelty Orchestra, performed by Dave, Lorene & ?.
  • Rigadoo, performed by JP, Erin, Charlie & Kendra.

Rigadoo plays some hot bluegrass & Celtic music with traditional instruments & a set of mesmerizing “chakra bowls”; the Duke of Uke plays funky tunes on ukulele (accompanied, in this instance, by electric bass, tuba, & backup singin’); Snow Leopard arranged Bagatelle No. 1 (by whom?) for keyboard & udderbot; elizaBeth shared a draft of a story for children pointing to the absurdities of capitalism with talking rodents!

We six La Casans have inherited a tradition of house concerts – a tradition I happen to adore.  I can think of no better venue for a show than a good friend’s living room!

UPDATE: some photos from the event,


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