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H2O, the wettest element

March 17, 2009

La Casa’s full of people who care about things like, you know, the planet, resources, not wasting those resources, etc. So it’s been a frustrating several months during which we watched our water bill steadily climb (usage, not just cost) heard water running in the pipes and watched the water meter dial clicking along despite the fact that no one was using any water. We walked through with plumbers who looked at this and that and then just shrugged their shoulders. But the sound got worse, the usage kept climbing and the basement flooded more than seemed necessary for the Spring thaw. Finally, a plumber met here with a rep from the water company who pinpointed a pipe (that I had myself pinpointed 2 months ago, showing it to the plumber[arg!]) from which the sound seemed to emanate. This pipe shot off through the foundation to god knows where. Somewhere out into the ground around the house where it seeped back in only to be pumped back out by our sadly busy sump pumps. A terrible cycle.

But, at least it was finally figured out and the plumber cut the pipe at the faulty cut-off valve and capped it. The sound of running water has become a wonderful, but almost eerie silence. Now the water meter doesn’t click along that fast EVEN WHEN water is actually being used, and not at all when it’s not. Yay! One really great thing we learned via conversations with the Water Company is that, even with untold gallons pouring uselessly out of our house, we use an unusually small amount of water. It makes me happy that our efforts to be conscientious are that discernible. Still, to make it up to Mother Earth for all the wasted water we just installed low-flow shower heads, purchased via internet at:

Perhaps you would like to get one.

new showerhead

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  1. JP permalink*
    March 19, 2009 3:39 pm

    hey ronna, i want to say thanks for putting in the shower heads. they work great and now there are fewer barriers between me and cleanliness.

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