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On the road: Minneapolis

April 12, 2009

On Friday I left lovely Urbana for a two-week tour of the Midwest, in conjunction with elizaBeth Simpson and the Change of State Performance Project.  I hope to post occasional updates on this fortnight of adventure.  I also hope Urbana folks can come on April 21 or 23, when we hit Urbana, and that you can invite whoever friends near Iowa and Chicago and Milwaukee are arty enough to handle our art art art. 

The theme of the tour is WATER; Qilo and Andrea perform a play about water & its politics, Beth has created a seaside multimedia romp, and I play an udderbot solo piece called hoprock.  The udderbot is a musical instrument we’ve invented which must be filled with water to be played; check out the blog ‘n’ wiki when curious.

Stop One was Minneapolis.  Staying in a house with hairless cats, who are more like giraffe-bats, eating ginger snaps, studying maps.  A hurried visit with Philip Blackburn, a soft-spoken and highly-accomplished sonical practitioner who’s planning to plant a circle of 52 different varieties of apple tree in his backyard.

Then we had a show this afternoon, and a good audience came, despite the inclement Easter.

That’s all for now.  Maybe one of these other folks will lend me their camera for further illustration…

Hold down the fort!

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