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June 2, 2009

Hi house.  Andrew & I have just arrived home from an 11-day stint in the Bay Area, mostly as part of the ensemble An Exciting Event, which got its name from our habit of putting everything together in a few days of very intense rehearsing.  In a week we worked up the Moondog Madrigal Puppet Show, a 90-minute extravaganza involving stick/shadow puppets, projections, 20 rounds by Moondog, and about 30 instruments juggled between 8 players.

I was delighted to bring along the extra digital camera Heather loaned me recently.  Not only did I not lose the camera, but I even remembered to take some pictures with it!

Bonny DoonOur first leg of rehearsals happened in this lovely house in Bonnie Doon.  It was a little cramped, but then again, An Exciting Event has a way of expanding to completely fill any space it occupies.

We were fairly good remembering to break up rehearsing with run-around time, at one point playing pickup ultimate at UCSC’s Field on the Edge of the Universe:

don't fall off!We shopped at a nearby farmer’s market and traded off making delicious meals:

bean burgers in bonnie doon

Dan, Robin, Jacob, Lembit, AndR

Later in the week, we rehearsed at our performing space, a beautiful hall at the SF Community Music Center that Dizzy Gillespie reputedly held in high esteem, and we stayed in the immensely spacious basement of an office space being renovated (also very good for frisbee).

Paul and AndR in dungeon

One couldn’t be sure if the deterioration of our health and wellbeing had more to do with sleeping in “The Dungeon” or with our hectic practicing, but somehow we were able to muster up the wherewithal to give one heckuva performance Friday night, which was well attended and very well received.  Just ask Heather!

On Saturday we were off to the Maker Faire, where we were shuffled around confusedly before getting into a nice roundsinging groove and making a number of udderbots to demonstrate.

Sunday and Monday were filled with more informal activities and explorings and friend-meetings, including a Cybernetics/Somatics dinner party and a meeting with Tyson Ayers, musical healer and creator of such things as the Piano Cave:

the piano caveThe top and sides of the cave are made up of the innards of upright pianos which are tuned to (among other things) harmonic series based on the sub-audible tone emitted by the earth when struck with a lightning bolt (!)

That’s pretty much it.  Now we’re back.  So much to do.  My plan with the camera is to start a roadkill photoblog–we saw 19 roadkill on the trip from the Indianapolis airport–keep your eyes peeled!

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  1. JP permalink*
    June 3, 2009 11:14 am

    Nice post, glad to have you back. The piano cave is awesome, we have a frame ready to be retuned… Maybe it could be tuned to sympathetically vibrate to the squeeking of the stairs over my bed.

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