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Live Blogging Jacob’s Haircut with Hairdresser Maria

June 9, 2009

listening to cliqhop.

oh here comes heather.

oh noes! maria cut herself. “oh it’s fine. i just don’t wanna get blood on you.” the assistant has gone missing. she wipes the blood on her leg.

a bluish purple car pulls in across the street.

maria thinks the music is too creepy.

i would like my hair to not look like a clown. maria finds this funny & we snap a picture in the photo booth.

Photo 231

note the clown like hair on the sides of my head

“i don’t know what this is turning into.”

the music takes a turn for the worse.

hair falls on my right arm.

“i need a third hand.” “i know the feeling.”

a moment of clarity as the music recedes & maria blows hair off my neck.

“oh sweet, another cut.” wipes it on her leg again. ew!

we discuss the differences between awkward and quirky. quirky can be cute. there is hair on the keyboard.

“it sounds like you’re just snipping into the air.” “i’m shaping it, i’m giving you volume you’re gonna love it you’re gonna love it!”

maria just cut herself a third time. i’m getting worried.

here comes heather! the most prominent feature at this point is a puffy tuft on the top of my head. heather recommends trimming the tuft.

Photo 232

“it’s not really that hard to cut hair if you just…take your time.” today i thought the same thing about html coding.

time to go make food.

*Look for before & after shots soon!

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