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Bloomsday Greetings, 2009.

June 16, 2009

If you haven’t heard, certain jolly folks all over the world celebrate Bloomsday today, named after Leopold Bloom from James Joyce’s epic experimental novel Ulysses.  The events of Ulysses take place on June 16th, 1904, in Dublin, Ireland, so every June 16th, Joyce fans dress up, recite from the good book, have a drink in a pub, & do things Joycean.  At the very least, I recommend getting your hands on a copy of Ulysses & checking it out.  I read it a few summers ago, & very much enjoyed it.

If you’d like something to do in Champaign county to celebrate Bloomsday, consider this event at the U of I, taking place in the daytime, & this Facebook event, taking place later in the evening.  I don’t know the organizers of either, but hope to appear at one, two, or zero of them (leaning toward two).  La Casa doesn’t have anything Bloomsy going on this year, but maybe I can turn some fellows into Joyce fans & see about next year.

–We were always loyal to lost causes, the professor said.  Success for us is the death of the intellect and of the imagination.  We were never loyal to the successful.  We serve them.  I teach the blatant Latin language.  I speak the tongue of a race the acme of whose mentality is the maxim: time is money.  Material domination.  Dominus! Lord!  Where is the spirtuality?  Lord Jesus!  Lord Salisbury.  A sofa in a westend club.  But the Greek!

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