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ice cream and outdoor movies!

August 12, 2009

A few weekends ago, the members of la casa let me host a belated birthday party at the house.  the party featured homemade ice cream and an outdoor movie, projected on the side of the barn.

john e, kannan, and mac brought an old-fashioned hand-crank ice maker. everyone got to contribute a little bit to making the ice cream:
Juby churning ice cream

we made earl grey ice cream, honey ice cream, chocolate-rum-raspberry ice cream, and avocado ice cream. nora’s boys brought sprinkles and ate a few bowls of mostly sprinkles with some avocado ice cream on top:
cado ice cream so good

you can find the recipe for the earl grey ice cream here.  *NOTE: i always cut the recipe in thirds. using 24 egg yolks for one recipe is just insanity.

We also stapled butcher paper to the barn and projected the egyptian movie ‘the band’s visit’, a very slow-paced comedy that i would highly recommend.

we projected a movie on the garage.

we projected a movie on the garage. (photo by Kannan)

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