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My pre-existing condition was no health care access

September 2, 2009

(Rob wrote this song in the direction of the health care debate. It is the product of less than 24 hours of work.)

Jacob, “MC Utterbot” and udderbot
Andrew, “Professor Heathwaite” and 23-tone electric
Rob, “Hello” and drums


I need a lever, cause yo, I’ve got a fever
Need some accessibility to the health care facility
What’s the public option when the option ain’t publicized
I’m still waiting in line you better recognize
your health is mine, to deny it’s a crime
50 million in urgency so check the emergency… **CRASH**

All the other wealthy industrialized countries have universal health care systems — that means, every citizen has access to health care. Except in the United States. Yo! MC Utterbot, I think they need some contents to make some sense out of this nonsense…

The clock ticks… I’m talkin’ ’bout one-in-six
Only hard to understand with insurance in hand
When y’read they propaganda, s’hard to understand-a
They take our activism and they call it socialism
Or portray the U.K. as a place with no x-rays
where you wait in line for days but it’s worse here I dare say…

Excuse me sir, we only assist robots in this emergency room — WILL SOMEONE TURN OFF THAT CAR ALARM. What’s that? You are a robot. Oh. I’m sorry but your insurance doesn’t cover that procedure. Please see the secretary down the hall and fill out more paperwork…

My pre-existing condition was no health care access
I had to treat myself based on my best guess
While corporations are playing me like a game of chess
Still I’ve got to say, nevertheless
I want health care parity and solidarity
A social contract yo this ain’t no frickin charity
The blue dogs know they’re gonna have to go
and when I get to the do’ I wanna hear something just like


One Comment leave one →
  1. vagabondbee permalink*
    September 9, 2009 7:27 pm

    Fuckin’ awesome, yo!

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