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What I made for Christmas

December 25, 2009

Greetings from my familial home in the early morning of Xmas in Virginia Beach, VA, to wherever and whenever you, dear reader, read this.

Among the Xmas traditions I have observed since being home is the Xmas Eve dinner, wherein the “kids” (ages 19, 21, 24 now, not including the firstborn who is at the in-laws’ this year) cook for the “grown-ups” (the two ‘rents, plus Dad’s sis Chris, a.k.a. Auntie Santie).  We did some vaguely Mexican things, including this recipe for sweet-and-spicy black beans. A big hit, it was, even if the beans weren’t cooked “a la casa” (from scratch).

Also some flan for dessert—my first flan!  Sorry for the lack of pictures; I’m still not in the habit of snapping much.  Perhaps I’ll find a picture of the fam’, some of whom visited back in March 2008 on the occasion of a House Concert…

There are plenty of tidings to go around, don’t worry…

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