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Andrew’s Big Changeroo

September 29, 2010

On September 2, 2010, Andrew, a then two-years-&-one-month resident of La Casa — in other words, a La Casan — did that thing that every La Casan eventually does, perhaps th last thing that any La Casan can possibly do.  He moved out of La Casa!

Out of La Casa & into a little rental house on Franklin St.  Now Franklin St is a strange little street — a dead end poking almost obnoxiously into Crystal Lake Park.  Obnoxious from th point of view of th park district, who’d like to see all th houses on th street torn down & th street turned into a parking lot!  But for th few residents who live here, in these 8 houses, it’s a strange & magickal anomaly.  And also not La Casa.
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Ok, first person now.  I moved in with my partner Carey & her soon-to-be-ten-year-old daughter Kaleigh (who, as I type this, is spending some days in Springfield with her Dada and her friends — Springfield is where she moved from on September 2, 2010).  So we’ve been settling in.  There are domestic things to figure out — child care, unpacking, washing dishes, making “supper” (that’s what they call it around here), digging garden beds for winter greens!  And there is love, passion, creativity here.  Carey & I continue to fall deeper in love and surprise each other.  Yesterday we harvested nine pounds of edible mushrooms!  And Kaleigh & I invented a board game last week called CrazyPlay!!, which she took to Springfield with her and is hopefully surviving lots of games (it needs to be laminated, but we haven’t laminated it yet).  We’ve also drawn & painted together, made bound books out of scrap paper, taken walks with Sophie, cast magic(k) spells with sticks.  And it’s not always easy.  As we settle into a new place with new people, there cannot not be turbulence.  But there is also patience and love to soothe it.

C & K get up a lot earlier in th morning than I do.  I’m getting used to it.

Today, with Kaleigh in Springfield and Carey at work, I’m doing some things that are important.  Blogging is on my list (check!), and so is composing music, turning th compost (check!), taking a bath, re-reading a Gregory Bateson article, doing yoga in th park, & washing some dishes.

I miss my friends at La Casa.  It’s nice to find excuses to go over there.  It can’t happen every day, which makes it special when it does happen.  When I lived there, I wasn’t in th habit of giving everyone a hug every time I see them, but now I am!  I look forward to future La Casa events: potlucks, concerts, workshops, birthday parties….  It’s a nice circle to be in.

Much love,

Andrew, La Casan at Large.

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