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The making of a collective living room.

December 9, 2010

During our last house meeting, Maggie led us in an activity that I thought was pretty cool and worth sharing here on the blog.  A few weeks ago we agreed it would be a good idea to reorganize the living room to better fit the ways in which we’d like to utilize it.  We hadn’t really gotten a chance to put our heads together and figure out exactly how to do that.  So, during last Sunday’s meeting, we spent some time reflecting on what we individually wanted to experience — first, in our home as a whole, and then, in our living room specifically.  The collective results of that exercise, the various themes and commonalities, were a pretty interesting reflection (to me, anyway!) of the group we have living here currently.

As the newest member, I’ve been here a month, and so far I am still thrilled to be here!  I keep being warned that this won’t last, that I’ll soon become bitter and disillusioned (okay, no one actually said THAT, exactly), but until then… I really do consider myself fortunate to be able to experience life at La Casa.  Now…back to the activity!

We were first directed to write 3-5 FEELINGS we wanted to experience in our home.  We performed this task individually and anonymously. Here were the results. (fyi, I tried to consolidate repeat words, those are shown bigger with the number of how many people wrote them)

Feelings.  Home.

We were then asked to write 3-5 ACTIVITIES we wanted to see happening in our home.

Activites. Home.

At this point, Maggie read to us the list of words we had written collectively, first for the feelings, then for the activites.  Next, we were to write 3-5 FEELINGS again, this time for our living room specifically.

Feelings. Living room.

Finally, we wrote 3-5 ACTIVITIES we wanted to see happening in the living room.

Activities. Living room.

The living room has gone through its first transformation since then (with the help and inspiration of a little tequila, so I hear).  Next time you get a chance to pass through, these might be a few of the things you might see happening there!

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