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La Casauerkraut

December 14, 2010

I think it was this article in The Sun magazine that first caught my interest in wild fermentation. Certainly, the pallid, soggy sauerkraut of my middle American world had never once lured me.  Still, my interest in home food preservation and the health benefits of raw, fermented foods made trying this irresistible, and so in I leapt. I can only say that homemade, wild fermented sauerkraut is one the most unexpected pleasures of my life now. Each batch is unique and that is part of the fun. I like to add a little garlic, a bit of carraway seed (against flatulence) and any root veggies that might be available like beets, carrots or radishes. I use the least amount of salt I can get away with which has been a bit less than the recipe and it has worked out well. Beets and purple cabbage both give the kraut a lovely pink hue. I don’t even like pink, but I have loved the colors of my kraut batches.

Anyway, Sandor Katz is the wild fermentation maven. Here’s his website, starting right off at the recipe for kraut:

This is the batch I made just a few days ago, dedicated to Dan Schreiber:



A bit of sauerkraut spirituality fun

Julio giving the kraut crock some L-O-V-E

I hope you make some of your own and you love it!

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  1. carey permalink
    December 19, 2010 9:30 am

    Agreed! Sauerkraut lacto-fermented with lots of love (you got it right, Julio!) in one’s kitchen is the best ever!

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