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Membership Application

La Casa Membership Process

Quick Rundown – Acceptance of new members is based on a consensus vote among current members. In order to have a fair vote, we typically have interested people over for a house dinner or two.  La Casa enjoys dinners together at approximately 7pm most days of the week, but if that time is inconvenient, we can work out other arrangements. Contact us at lacasacollectiva(a@t)gmail(døt)com to schedule a time to come by where you can introduce yourself, express your interest in living at La Casa, and get to know as many current members as you can. More than one visit to the house is ideal so you have a chance to meet everyone and get to know the house and have time to ponder your choice to live with a bunch of people in a community.

La Casa Membership Application

Please copy/paste this along with your responses into an email.


Gender: (male, female, self-identity)

How did you hear about La Casa?

Please provide the name and phone numbers of three personal references and include how long you’ve known them and your relationship to them.

Date you would like to move in:

How long do you plan on staying?

Have you ever lived in a housing cooperative?

Have you ever been evicted from a place of residence?

Have you ever been convicted of any criminal offense other than minor traffic violations?

Do you have any special medical needs we should know of?

Do you have specific dietary preferences? (omnivore, vegetarian, vegan, kosher, halal, allergies, etc.)

If you own any pets and/or if you are allergic to any pets, please list here.

Name, address, and phone number of person to contact in case of emergency?

What are your sources of income to pay rent at La Casa?



Please describe yourself (hobbies, interests, goals, background, etc.)

La Casa cooks vegetarian house dinners, organizes house maintenance projects, and maintains backyard projects including a vegetable garden, chickens, and bees. We also meet once per week to discuss house decisions. What contributions do you think you can make to this living style?

What do you think are the advantages for you in a cooperative as opposed to other forms of housing?

At La Casa you will be living and working along side people from diverse sexual orientation, religious, racial, cultural, social, and ethnic backgrounds. Do you forsee this as a problem? (Yes / No   If no, please explain.)

Living in a co-op is not like living in a dorm or apartment. You will be part of a community. All members are to participate in weekly house meetings and perform 3-6 hours of weekly duties. These duties are very important and vital to good house operations. Also, because co-ops function in a real world, there will be times when your fellow housemates will not do their labor. For the sake of the house, housemates will sometimes voluntarily clean up after fellow members. Members will also hold fellow housemates accountable for undone or poor labor. Are you willing to accept these duties and do them responsibly?  (Yes / No   If no, please explain.)

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